If Gun Grabbers Got It All


What would happen if gun-prohibitionists got what they wanted and disarmed honest citizens?

Last month, a Democrat tried to kill many Republican politicians on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.  Within minutes and as expected, gun prohibitionist politicians said we needed more gun laws.  What would happen if the people who want you disarmed had their way?  The prohibitionists asked for universal background checks and more gun-free zones.  Would that work to stop even a single mass murder?  Let’s see what would happen if the prohibitionists got what they wanted.

The murderer who attacked Republican Congressmen in Alexandria bought his gun legally in Illinois.  Illinois is one of the most anti-gun states in the US.  The murderer had a background check before he ever touched a firearm.  He passed more background checks when he bought his rifle and handgun.  He filled out all the forms that the anti-gun advocates want…

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