Media BiASSed: Whine….

1. Andrea Mitchell Sees Trump Calling Out NBC’s Bias as ‘Badge of Honor’

After sarcastically remarking that it was “refreshing” to hear to President Trump defend freedom of speech in his address to the people of Poland on Thursday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell lamented that “only a few hours earlier at a joint press conference, his first on the world stage, with Poland’s president, Mr. Trump returned to form, slamming the media.”

2. Whiny CBS: Overseas Trump ‘Did Not’ ‘Uphold American Values’

Major Garrett is unhappy with Donald Trump. The CBS This Morning correspondent inserted a petulant commentary to his report on the President’s visit to Poland. Regarding an international press conference, Garrett complained, “In a nation where press freedoms are in flux, the President eagerly criticized the U.S. media and former President Obama.”

3. Morning Joe Freaks Out At Trump For Criticizing Obama Overseas While Seemingly Forgetting About Apology Tour

A new trip oversees by President Trump brought renewed criticism from the media as he levied criticism at his predecessor, specifically the Obama administration’s poor handling of Russian hacking during the 2016 election. The subsequent reaction by the cast of Morning Joe on Thursday was laughable as they decried the commander-in-chief attacking “a former president on foreign soil.” Apparently, everyone there had seemingly forgotten about Barack Obama’s infamous ‘apology tour’ at the start of his presidency.

4. Wallace: ‘Cloud’ of Russia Will ‘Hang Over’ Trump ‘No Matter Where He Stands’

On Thursday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie fretted over how President Trump would handle himself in his upcoming meeting with Russian president and “master manipulator” Vladimir Putin, who “certainly will know how to press the President’s buttons.” MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace had little faith in Trump’s abilities as she ranted: “I think that the White House has successfully lowered the bar so low that if it were any lower it would be underground.”

5. Fake News: Journalists Invent ‘Super Awkward’ Handshake Snub of Trump

In the latest example of fake news, journalists on Thursday hyperventilated about a supposed dramatic snub of Donald Trump by Poland’s first lady. Agata Kornhauser-Duda, it seemed, refused to shake the hand of the President. Except, that’s not what happened. Mere seconds after shaking Melania Trump’s hands, Kornhauser-Duda and the President shared a warm embrace.

6. ABC, CBS Omit Shooting Threat at Senator Flake’s Office Leading to Arrest

Red flags went up quick at the Tucson, Arizona office of Republican Senator Jeff Flake on Thursday when one angry leftist claimed that shooting all of the opposition was the way to solve “the Republican problem.” The leftist protestor also brought up the shooting of Majority Whip Steve Scalise and was arrest by police a short time later. This disturbing incident went unreported on both ABC and CBS during their evening news programs.

7. MSNBC Promo Trumpets ‘Love for the Constitution,’ ‘Democracy’ as Reasons for Attacking Trump

A new MSNBC promo aired during Thursday’s Hardball flaunted the bona fides of the liberal network’s far-left primetime pundits in taking on President Donald Trump, including the hilarious insinuation that they’re attacking him out of “love for the constitution.”


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