Yep …


2 thoughts on “Yep …”

  1. Life would be fair had people not grieve the loving, kind forgiving Spirit of God away from them. Financial thing would not have existed had the disciples took Jesus at his word depositing the money that they had at the feet of Cesar. People would have done the same burying Cesar in his own money. People would have then given to God in a person what is God’s not using Cesar’s money.

  2. I taught in an alternative school for thirty-two years. When I first started my goal was to reach EVERY student. Time is a great learning process if you listen to it. After all the time I was glad for any student I could reach.First it was the administration, then the parents, then the kids told me how special they were and not to get in their space. I know this sounds bad but the only way I would teach again is if they gave me a gun. I know a lot of you will say “I’m glad he is not my child’s teacher”.In every child there are two{ one for mom and dad and one that is out of house}. volunteer one day in a school and see, not your child,s and see the REAL WORLD!

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