Media BiASSed: Constant Shills…

1. Sharpton Glosses Over His Use of ‘Ethnic Slurs,’ Claims He ‘Corrected Them’


On Sunday’s PoliticsNation on MSNBC, host Al Sharpton slammed President Donald Trump for recently using the term “paddy wagon,” calling it an “anti-Irish ethnic slur.” He then went on to absolve himself of his own long history of using ethnic slurs by vaguely admitting to doing so in the past, but by lumping himself in with everyone else as “we,” as he claimed he already “corrected” his offensive comments.

2. MSNBC’s Johnson: ‘Black Guy’ Obama Was Elected Because ‘Bush Was So Bad’


Appearing as a panel member on Saturday’s AM Joy, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson — known for his many race-obsessed comments and his column at The Root — fretted that, allegedly unlike white men, California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris would face questions about her “competency” if she runs for President in 2020.

3. What About Obama’s IRS? Hayes, Reid Lose It Over Chances FBI Becomes Trump’s ‘Political Tool’


The Thursday edition of MSNBC’s All In saw quite some rhetorical hyperventilating as host Chris Hayes and AM Joy host Joy Reid expressed grave concern that the Trump administration will use the FBI as their “political tool” against their enemies a la “lions eat[ing] Christians” at the Roman Coliseum.

4. Lefty Media Went From Assailing ‘Dishonorable’ McCain to Calling Him ‘Jesus’


How quickly things change for liberal journalists. On Wednesday, after voting to allow debate to proceed on repealing ObamaCare, the Huffington Post sneered that John McCain will “die with dishonor.” Now, he’s “Jesus.” That hyperbole came from MSNBC contributor and editor of Business Insider Josh Barro.

5. Univision Is Consistent In Its Shilling For ObamaCare


Surprising no one, Univision continues to give favorable coverage to ObamaCare. Also surprising no one: that the network continues to do so without presenting any opposing perspective.


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