Media BiASSed:

1. NBC’s Mitchell Thankful Senator Flake Denounced ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants


The theme of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday was all about complaining how “broken” U.S. politics have become under President Trump. According to the stacked anti-Trump panel, most of the blame belongs to the “anti-intellectual” attitude of “the extreme of the right-wing.” In the mix, Hillary Clinton super-fan Andrea Mitchell couldn’t help but smear the Republicans who were critical of the failed Democratic nominee. Yet she found herself thanking Republican Senator Jeff Flake for standing up to those who chanted “lock her up.”

2. Sharpton Panel on MSNBC Frets Over Trump ‘Killing the Dream’ of Martin Luther King


On Sunday’s PoliticsNation on MSNBC, as Al Sharpton presided over a discussion of an upcoming march to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s role in the Civil Rights Movement, the MSNBC host fretted that President Donald Trump is “killing the dream” after one of the guests claimed that MLK Jr.’s “dream” had become a “nightmare” for many.

3. CNN’s Cuomo: I Don’t Care If I Miss Important Stories to Cover Trump-Russia; I Don’t Take Sides


CNN host Chris Cuomo sparred with White House counsel Kellyanne Conway once again Thursday night. Conway called out the network for their obsession with the Trump-Russia story.

4. Nets Yawn at Gov Dumping Dems; Saw GOP Doom With Specter Switch


During the first year of a new administration, a prominent elected official switches his political affiliation to the party that just came into power. The national media hail the news and warn the politician’s former party that it has become too extreme and out of touch with country. That was the scene in 2009, when Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter abandoned the Republican Party and became a Democrat in a desperate attempt to win a tough reelection fight. However, on Thursday, when West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced he was leaving the Democratic Party in favor of the GOP, the liberal media couldn’t be bothered to cover the stunning political news.

5. CNN’s Zakaria: Democrats ‘Out of Touch’ With Voters on Immigration


On Wednesday, two GOP Senators, with help from the White House, rolled out a new legal immigration proposal that put emphasis on certain merits to receive a green card. And as the Media Research Center reported later that night, the liberal media were up in arms. But CNN’s Fareed Zakaria took a different approach during his show Global Public Square on Sunday. According to him, the Democrats were the ones “out of touch” with the feelings of many Americans.

6. Liberal Film Critics Love ‘Shakespearean’ Gore Saving the World


The country’s top film critics are in love with the liberal agenda of Al Gore’s new Inconvenient Sequel, gushing at the “Shakespearean” Gore “saving the world” “one lecture at a time.” The global warming film has more of a “meh” response overall. It’s at 67 percent on Metacritic and 75 at Rotten Tomatoes, but Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, among others, are fans.

7. Rolling Stone Promotes ‘Professional Cuddling’ as Way of ‘Coping’ With Trump


How unhinged are some media outlets in responding to the election of Donald Trump? Rolling Stone on Friday promoted “professional cuddling” as a response to those struggling to “cope.” Writer Allie Voipe highlighted this presumably blue state response: “Since November – and the election of Donald Trump – professional cuddling services have seen a spike in client interest.”

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