Media BiASSed: Daily Dose of Hypocrisy…Leftist Style..

1. CBS Whines About Trump’s Vacation, Excused Obama’s Golf Fun


CBS This Morning’s Major Garrett on Monday chided Donald Trump for taking an August vacation, highlighting how long he’s been away from the White House and digging up old tweets about Barack Obama’s trips. Yet, the very same network excused and defended Obama’s excursions.

2. ABC Pushes Possible Pence Run in 2020, Despite Official Statement


Over the weekend, The New York Times claimed in an article that Vice President Mike Pence was running a “shadow campaign for 2020,” which brought a scathing rebuke from Pence and President Trump. But despite the denials from the White House, on Monday, ABC’s World News Tonight ran an entire segment about the idea, laying out the evidence and only briefly mentioning the Vice President’s reaction. And they were the only network in the Big Three (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to give the non-story any significant time.

3. Hello, Agenda Setting? Nicolle Wallace Claims ‘There’s No Other News’ Besides Trump


Former Bush administration official, former failed McCain campaign aide, and current MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was featured in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine in which she promoted her liberal tilt compared to other Republicans and complained that “there’s no other news” besides President Trump.

4. WashPost’s Rothkopf: ‘Liar’ Trump ‘Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing’


Appearing on MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle on Monday, Washington Post opinion writer and former Foreign Policy magazine editor David Rothkopf launched into an unhinged tirade against President Trump’s handling of global affairs, particularly the nuclear threat from North Korea: “President Trump has established himself in the minds of world leaders in a few ways. He’s a liar, he’s undependable, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

5. CNN’s Kayyem: ‘Biggest Threat’ from Anti-Govt White Supremacists, Not Radical Muslims


Appearing as a guest on Sunday’s CNN Newsroom to preview their episode of The Nineties about terrorism, CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem was twisting herself into knots to downplay the threat of terrorism from radical Muslims by claiming that the “biggest threat” is from “white supremacists or sort of anti-government terrorism.”

6. Shocker: CBS Highlights Evangelist Sharing the Gospel to Muslim World


Now there’s something you don’t see very often. CBS This Morning on Monday highlighted a Christian evangelist who is spreading the faith to Muslim countries. Co-host Charlie Rose introduced, “An unassuming 86-year-old evangelist is sharing a message of healing around the world. She’s traveled for years to several predominantly Muslim countries to spread the Gospel.”

7. CBS Bemoans Google Memo as ‘Major Setback’ to Diversity


Come Monday, technology company Google was still reeling after an internal and controversial memo circulated by an employee went viral. The 10-page memo, which questioned the company’s diversity efforts, was the work of one person, but for CBS it meant a setback for all. “Tech-giant Google’s efforts to improve its image as a company that promotes diversity have been dealt a major setback, in the form of a memo from a male employee,” announced Anchor Anthony Mason during CBS Evening News.


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