Brits Vs. Guns

The British, to put it lightly, do not like guns. They don’t want guns. And, in all likelihood, they’re not going to change their minds on that point. Americans who are wondering if the Brits are on the verge of a sea change here should understand this: They’re not. Not even close. Culture matters, and the United Kingdom has shifted on this. In 1688, the right to bear arms was cherished; today, it is seen as a relic. Were a politician to run on the promise of liberalizing the gun laws, he would lose—badly. This is, to borrow a line from Monty Python, a dead parrot.

Source: America’s 1st Freedom | Brits Vs. Guns


4 thoughts on “Brits Vs. Guns”

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    I remember decades ago, reading when the British voted to give up their firearms. The Second World War was cited as the main reason, and people wanted no part of war, and wanted to forget and move on. They also said how nice it would before their children and generations to come, would live in a world without guns. It was also said that sporting arms, would not be hindered.
    The world changed. Too many people misjudged Britain’s kindness for weakness, and a liberal society has nurtured the enemy of civilization. We read about it daily. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, too, most unfortunately, went anti-gun, when they should have gone, Iron Fist, against crime and terror.

      1. You’re welcome, and, I believe that the nations that did surrender their God given rights, should, have a Second Amendment and Constitutional Carry, movement, as the damage of a gun-free society, is not worth the price. Mark my words, in time, things will only get worse for them. Like a water leak, it doesn’t get better. Only worsens.

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