25Years Ago ..

August 12th 1992

We had our first son.

After one miscarriage..

He was premature by 7 weeks and spent 6 in neonatal unit.. at St. Mary’s, Mayo in Rochester..

Was a rough start…

3.9 lbs 17 1/2 inches at birth.

Surgery 12 hours later, baptized in nursery at Methodist before Neonate transport team took him to St Mary’s…

I ran back and forth between hospitals for a few days cursing and wondering WHY OB and Neonate ICU were NOT in same hospital.

Today he is 6’3 plus and towers over his 5’11 Dad..Plus Dad suddenly realized the kid is put together pretty well…May not have enough age and treachery anymore!!

A good kid..

Love him much…

Happy 25th Birthday son!!

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

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