You Know…

I’m sick of it.

The bullshit from the Media..The lying, pointless leftist agenda driven media..

I’m sick of it.

The crap from our pointless, effing worthless, politicians, all of them from DC to Local asswipes..

We elected you asswipes to make things right..and they have just gotten shittier..And you are really no better then both sides of the latest scrum in Virginia..You are  losers whom are looking out for your best interests and how to pocket more tax dollars..

I’m sick of it.

The crazed leftist thugs attacking everything and anything they do not agree with or disagrees with them…Your threatening, tantrum throwing crap has to end…Grow up….

I’m sick of it..

Just damn sick of it all…





One thought on “You Know…”

  1. President Trump, what about we the forgotten people? You’re supposed to be our voice. Stand up for us and the First Amendment.

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