Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security labeled Antifa’s activities as ‘domestic terrorist violence’

And there was silence……

America's Watchtower

  AntifaWhen Donald Trump condemned the violence on both sides in the wake of the Charlottesville riot he came under intense fire from the Democrats, the mainstream media, and some Republicans for trying to put the blame on both sides while not strongly enough denouncing white nationalists and the KKK.

  This eventually led to all Trump supporters being labeled as white supremacists and Nazis. All the while the violent actions of Antifa have been ignored; Antifa was engaged in violent activities before Charlottesville and it has continued since but it came to a head last week when Antifa attacked a wheelchair bound veteran. This was so egregious that even Nancy Pelosi, in an effort to distance the Democratic Party from the violent hate group, actually came out and condemned them.


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