Help Fight Feinstein’s Backdoor Ban on High-Capacity Magazines…



Feinstein & Co. Using Bump Stocks to Ban Magazines

Once again, the anti-gun Left is demanding that we as a nation accept gun control, either through legislation or regulation, while the Congress sits on every single element of our agenda.

Reciprocity, veterans’ rights, hearing protection, and anti-gun Obamacare repeal. Chuck Schumer has promised to kill all of these reforms.

But now, gun owners are being asked to sign off on Schumer’s treasured gun control because the Leftist media demands that you do so.

At Gun Owners of America, we have told Congress that we will NOT support one iota of gun control.

The Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”  We at GOA will not support any infringements of our rights — as they are not privileges from the government that can be revoked at will.

To support an infringement on bump stocks will weaken our ability to oppose the next infringement that comes down the pike.

Speaking of these items, the nation has heard a lot about “bump stocks” during the last week. These devices use the recoil of a semi-automatic rifle to reset the trigger and accelerate the rate at which rounds can be discharged.

Anyone who supports a ban on these items needs to realize that one can create the same “bump fire” effect using rubber bands or belt loops.  So should Congress ban these items next?

Help GOA stay on the frontlines. Every dollar you contribute to GOA right now will be automatically doubled, thanks to a very generous GOA Life Member!

Bump Stocks are a Mere Trojan Horse for Greater Gun Control

On Face the Nation this weekend, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said she is “not sure there is any set of laws” that could have stopped last week’s shooting.

But that, of course, has not stopped her from introducing legislation that would ban bump stocks. 

While some in the gun community have also endorsed additional regulations on bump stocks, they should realize this will open the door to additional prohibitions. Consider:

1) The Feinstein legislation (S. 1916) to ban these items would ban any part or device in a firearm that functions to “accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle.”

This language could affect competitive shooters who outfit their rifles with lighter trigger pulls, accelerated hammer drops and polished bolts.  Can anyone doubt that these modifications help shooters “accelerate the rate of fire”?

2) In our opinion, Feinstein’s bill also puts magazines at risk from anti-gun presidents, liberal judges and progressive bureaucrats.  After all, they could simply make the ridiculous argument that rather than putting one round at a time into a rifle, a magazine helps “accelerate the rate of fire” of a semi-auto.

No doubt, Feinstein would prefer that we be limited to single-action, cowboy-style revolvers.

The push to ban bump stocks is nothing more than an attempt by the anti-gun Left to put points on the board.

They have been unable to get any traction during a Republican administration.

Gun owners would be foolish to help them get an easy win.

Why would anyone in the gun rights community support a gun control proposal when we have been waiting for several years to get concealed carry reciprocity?

Congress should pass H.R. 38 right now, as this bill would enable good people to protect themselves and stop mass shooters in their tracks.

As I write this email to you, the Feinstein language is still not available on, even though GOA was able to acquire the language through other means.

GOA will call for legislative action once the language is publicly available.

Until then, I would ask that you help keep us on the frontlines, fighting for your rights.

Any amount that you can chip in — whether it’s $10, $20 or $35 — will go a long way to helping us put the heat on Congress.



One thought on “Help Fight Feinstein’s Backdoor Ban on High-Capacity Magazines…”

  1. I don’t give a fuck WHAT law they pass!! as long as the bill of rights says, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED…” the only way for them to get them from me, is to TRY, and take them!!!! I will give them the BULLETS FIRST!!!!, and when I run out of THEIR bullets, after I take down the ones trying, I will fight with ANYTHING I HAVE!!! Bring a LOT of body bags, there Diane… You’re gonna need ’em!!

    I once sent a letter to a kaliforniastan demoncrat, and asked him if they he were going to personally come and take my weapons,(GUNS), from me, if they were to successfully ban them….. He simply stated, he didn’t have to take them, that law enforcement would do that job. Seriously, you coward?!?!?!?! I wish you WOULD come and try to take them!!! Here in Texas, we can shoot your sorry ass, if you come on our property, WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION!!! AND I would DO SO, because you DID IT!!! Plus, my neighbors would shoot you, for trying to shoot me. We cover each other down here. We would LOVE for you to try to take our guns. You would NEVER see the outcome of that fallacy, trust me. You would be taking a dirt nap REAL QUICK!!!! remember that.!!! I have THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF ROUNDS OF AMMO, As I have a right to have. It is NONE of your business what I have, what I do with it, or how I use it, as LONG AS IT IS SAFE, LEGAL, AND DOES NOT THREATEN THE SAFETY OF INNOCENT PEOPLE… AND YOU, DEAR POLITICIAN, ARE NEVER AN INNOCENT PARTY TO THE 2nd AMENDMENT!!!! NEVER!!!!

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