Well Damn…

Got off early today. Since I have at least a 12 hour day tomorrow and possible 14 plus day on Thursday..

Headed home, looking forward to a mid week evening at home with time to sit around

…Not even out of the TC Metro when the car made a POP, BANG……started losing power….

So I made it to the Honda dealer not far from where I was….Was not going to make it home for sure..And I was not stopping as long as car ran and I could make it there.

They popped the hood and found..

Yeah that’s a damn spark plug…

And did it draw a crowd of service type, counter and techs to look at it. Phones were out and pictures took…Like they never saw this before…..Oh ….Wait…

Ouch….I like this car!! 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid…Gets great mileage…or did..

So I sat and waited while they dug into it and got me an estimate. Not as bad as I expected.

Both the Service guy and Mechanic said they’d fix it.

I’m fixing it…



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