Media BiASSed:

1. Nets Gave Trump Trashing 10 Times More Coverage Than NFL Backing Down


When President Trump voiced his opposition to NFL players disrespecting the National Anthem in September, the broadcast networks went wild with an avalanche of coverage that hailed a “firestorm of resistance” against the President and even suggested Trump was a racist. However, when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out on Tuesday to demand that all players stand for the Anthem, the networks could only manage a few minutes on the story.

2. ABC/CBS Tout NBC’s Trump Story, Nothing on Their Weinstein Blackout


On Wednesday, ABC and CBS were absolutely giddy over an NBC report that asserted President Trump wanted to inflate the U.S. nuclear arsenal “ten-fold” to 1960s levels. The report added fuel to the liberal claims that Trump was a madman looking to trigger an all-out nuclear war. But as they were hyping NBC’s reporting on Trump, they turned a blind eye to NBC’s dubious coverage of alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

3. Awkward: Lauer Congrats Farrow for Weinstein Bombshell He Worked on ‘For NBC News’


Amidst the NBC News controversy of declining to support contributor Ronan Farrow’s bombshell story on Harvey Weinstein, NBC’s Today co-host Matt Lauer praised Farrow on Wednesday for working on it at NBC but failing to disclose the network’s refusal to publish it (hence why it went to The New Yorker).

4. Andrea Mitchell Uses Weinstein Scandal to Bash Clarence Thomas


Discussing the growing list of sexual harassment and rape allegations against left-wing Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein on her MSNBC show Wednesday afternoon, anchor Andrea Mitchell saw a chance to deflect away from the scandal swirling around the prominent Democratic Party donor to instead attack conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

5. Nets Allow a Scant 58 Seconds to Obama FINALLY Denouncing Sleazy Weinstein


After five days of silence, Barack Obama on Tuesday finally denounced mega-donor Harvey Weinstein, a man now accused of raping three women, harassing others and exposing his genitals to a young reporter. Yet, you wouldn’t know this was a big deal on the networks. ABC, CBS and NBC on Wednesday allowed a total of 58 seconds to the ex-President belatedly getting around to condemning the man who gave him $45,800 (not counting money to his political party).

6. Nets Yawn as Federal Prosecutors Rest Case in Menendez Bribery Trial


Justice Department prosecutors rested their case against Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on Wednesday, much to the silence of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). With dozens of charges against him, prosecutors allege Menendez and his associate Dr. Salomon Melgen were responsible for an expansive quid-pro-quo scheme that spanned years. The case had all the hallmarks of a spicy courtroom drama, but the networks were more interesting in covering for the Democrat.

7. CBS’s Schieffer: ‘Mainstream Media’ Doesn’t Broadcast Stories Unless They’re ‘True’


Longtime CBS news anchor Bob Schieffer pushed back on President Trump’s characterization of his network and others as “fake news” during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, October 9th. Schieffer blasted online media sources like Facebook, arguing that the public needs to understand that only the “mainstream media” vets, and fact-checks before printing or broadcasting their news.


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