Oh Please…

Fine. I have a few questions for you Doc.

Have you, by your actions or lack of same, caused harm to a patient or caused a patient to expire?

Do you have any malpractice suits against you, pending or otherwise?

Do you drink? How much?

Or simply no Doc, I do not own any guns. Why do you ask?

Source: Doctors Urged To Sign A Pledge To Confront Patients About Guns


One thought on “Oh Please…”

  1. I will very adamantly ask him if he thinks my guns are a threat…. if he does, I will say…”good, just be a doctor, and you have nothing to worry about, do you???”

    If he insists, I will tell him I have THOUSANDS of rounds, and HUNDREDS of weapons…. AND ASK HIM WHAT BUSINESS IT IS OF HIS!!!! See how he likes it. If they try to take ANY of my weapons, they will get a very long dirt nap…. I don;t know about you, bu, I have about had enough, and it looks like they want a revolution, and I am ready to give it to them!!!

    We have 400 million guns… 30 trillion bullets… they cant decide which bathroom to use!! How do you think that’s gonna turn out for ya??!?!?!?!


    MOLON LABE!!!!!



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