Media BiASSed: Double Standard..

1. Double Standard: 80 Minutes for GOP Scandal, Barely 2 for Democrat’s Trial


For the past four days, the establishment media have provided intensive coverage of the scandal involving Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, with reporters repeating the damning accusations against the candidate and the “mounting pressure” for Moore to quit the race. The media’s reaction to Moore makes their double standard on scandals all the more glaring: Since early September, a sitting United States Senator has been on trial for corruption involving the abuse of his office, and the media have essentially buried the story.

2. Tapper: ‘The Media Treated’ Bill Clinton’s Accusers ‘Poorly’; Not Given ‘Same Respect’ Moore’s Have


CNN’s The Lead host Jake Tapper made a keen observation on Monday afternoon about the media’s double standard when it comes to sexual assault accusers, pointing out that “the media treated” Bill Clinton’s female accusers “poorly” and were never afforded “the same respect” Roy Moore’s accusers have rightfully received these past four days.

3. Irony: Dowd Tells Stephanopoulos ‘The Default Position Ought to Be Believe the Women’ in Sex Claims


While discussing the Roy Moore allegations on Monday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s chief political analyst, faux Republican, and nasty politico Matthew Dowd ironically informed co-host and former Bill Clinton official George Stephanopoulos that, in sexual misconduct incidents, “the default position ought to be believe the women.”

4. NBC’s Today Kicks Off Biden 2020 Campaign With Fawning Fanfare


Beginning a book tour for his new memoir, Promise Me, Dad, former Vice President Joe Biden was treated to softball questions from the hosts and a live studio audience on Monday’s NBC Today. During the more than 20 minutes of glowing coverage, Biden was repeatedly pressed on whether he was running for president in 2020. The cast of the morning show was giddy at the prospect.

5. NBC to Biden: Do You and Obama ‘Vent’ Over How Bad Trump Is?


In between repeated attempts to get Joe Biden to announce a 2020 presidential run, on Monday’s NBC Today, co-hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie also teed up the former vice president to bash President Trump multiple times. At one point, Lauer even asked if Biden and former President Obama ever “vent” or “complain” to each other about how much they don’t like the current occupant of the White House.

6. CBS on Climate Change: ‘Saving the World Has Been Harder’ Since Trump


During Monday’s newscast, CBS Evening News was irritated by President Trump’s position on climate change and how he was putting America at odds with the rest of the world. “At a U.N. climate conference in Germany today, the Trump administration talked up fossil fuels, including coal,” chided Anchor Anthony Mason. “That puts the U.S. at odds with 194 other nations, but some American entrepreneurs and politicians want to make sure the administration does not have the final word.”


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