Nancy Pelosi defends Al Franken and John Conyers but attacks Donald Trump and calls Roy Moore a child molester

Senile old hypocritical witch…..

America's Watchtower

  I have purposely not written anything about all of the sexual misconduct charges that have been flying around lately because this has been hearsay and accusations but there have been no official charges against anyone to date.

  Social media, specifically Facebook, has been full of people defending their candidates or politicians using the “the other side is guilty too” approach to downplay the accusations of the people they support. The left defends John Conyers and Al Franken by pointing to the accusations about Donald Trump and Roy Moore, while the right defends Donald Trump and Roy Moore by pointing to Al Franken and Donald Trump as if this somehow makes their support of their side more tenable.

  But this is not a defense, it is a deflection, and what it shows us is that nobody is really interested in the truth or the alleged victims or the…

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