Media BiASSed: Completely….

1. Nets Cheer Dem Upset in Alabama, Mourned GOP Win in Massachusetts


On Wednesday and Thursday, the broadcast networks were openly enthusiastic about the prospect that Democrat Doug Jones winning the Alabama Senate race could derail the entire Republican legislative agenda. In stark contrast, when Republican Scott Brown pulled off a major upset win in the 2010 Massachusetts Senate race to replace the late Ted Kennedy, the same liberal media went into mourning.

2. NBC Lobs Softballs to Doug Jones, Avoids His Radical Pro-Abortion Views


During an exclusive interview with Democratic Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones on Thursday’s NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie kept all the questions easy and steered clear of the liberal politician’s radical pro-abortion views. However, she did find time to ask him whether the Republican tax bill should be delayed so he could vote against it.

3. New York Times Defends Mueller Against ‘Drunk…Conspiracists’ at Fox News


Robert Mueller is the liberal New York Times new favorite prosecutor. (Being criticized by Donald Trump and the Republican Congress will do that to you.) Reporters Nicholas Fandos and Charlie Savage praised deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s defense of Mueller in “Firm Defense of Mueller As Republicans Attack.” And a Times lead editorial personally mocking Fox News hosts as conspiratorial drunks in “Fox News v. Robert Mueller.”

4. Morning Joe: Republican Congressmen Questioning Mueller Are ‘Jackasses’ ‘Trying to Undermine Rule of Law’


On Thursday’s Morning Joe, the show’s liberal panel once again rallied to the defense of Robert Mueller in response to recent calls by Republican House representatives for the former FBI director’s special counsel division to be officially investigated for serious political conflicts of interest that have been revealed within it by the reporting of a variety of different news outlets.

5. NBC’s Mitchell Paints Iran Threat as Just a Political Ploy By Trump


In a shocking press conference on Thursday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley presented the press an Iran-constructed missile that was fired at the Riyadh airport deep inside Saudi Arabia by extremists in Yemen. The point of the press conference was to show just how much of a threat Iran was to the region with their supplies of military hardware to terrorists. But NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell didn’t seem to buy it.

6. CBS’s Brennan Tangles with WH’s Sanders Over Gun Control on Sandy Hook Anniversary


Without CNN’s Jim Acosta in the room, Thursday’s White House press briefing featured a more civil tone and traditional sparring sessions such as CBS’s Margaret Brennan grilling Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about gun control on the fifth anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook massacre. Sanders’s answers didn’t sit well with some liberal journalists, so it briefly devolved into a shouting fest that might have included an off-screen cameo from usual suspect in Brian Karem.

7. Mitchell Lamented ‘Rush to Judgment’ on Franken, Wants GOP Offender Gone


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell wants some alleged sexual harassers on Capitol Hill gone immediately. Others, she laments the “rush to judgment.” What’s the key difference? Whether the offender is a Democrat or a Republican. On Thursday, Mitchell reported on the news that Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold will not seek re-election. It was revealed he paid $84,000 in tax payer money to settle allegations against him.

8. WashPost Refuses to Rate Kimmel’s Fiction-Filled Rant Against GOP Tax Plan


At the request of readers, The Washington Post finally analyzed late-night ABC host Jimmy Kimmel’s latest toddler-toting tirade against Republicans, which occurred on his Monday show. Glenn Kessler, the Post’s resident “fact-checker” took him to task on his column December 13, and shot down Kimmel’s hyper-partisan claims about the Republican tax bill, as false.

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