Well Damn….

But he was oppressed, or something I bet..

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Police have killed the suspect in a series of three shootings that occurred throughout downtown Harrisburg and Allison Hill on Friday afternoon.Police identified the suspect late Friday as 51-year-old Ahmed Amin El-Mofty, a man who has ties to the area.Around 4 p.m. on Friday, in the area of 3rd and State Streets, multiple shots were fired at an occupied Capitol Police car. The window of the car was broken, and the officer inside was not harmed.About twenty minutes later, El-Mofty opened fire on a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle. A female trooper was wounded, but is expected to be okay, according to Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico.Around 6 p.m. Friday evening, police found El-Mofty near 17th and Mulberry on Allison Hill. After an exchange of gunfire between the police and the suspect, the suspect was killed.

via Once is an accident, twice is enemy action.

But WAIT!!!
There’s MORE!!!


Source: FBI: Man planned Christmas terror attack for SF’s Pier 39 | abc7news.com

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