Today we are taking, my Eldest and I, our cat, Smokey, to the Vet and do not expect to return with her.

She has been with us since the Spring of 1999.

We got each one of our boys cats that spring, rescue cats.

Joe was our youngest son’s cat and he passed in 2009, that was a crappy day also.

Both were/are Russian Blues.

And Smokey always loved to lay on our shoulders whenever she could.

She is a sweet little thing and this is coming from a former cat hater…

But today she can barely get around and has quit using her litter box.

Is a tough call. Most Dearest has been hoping she  would just pass during the night, peacefully. But she is a tough little bugger and has twice been saved by Most Dearest when she had a fatty liver and had to be force feed.

And of course I get the duty…Sigh..

We have always had multiple critters, dogs, cats, 2 to 3 at a time.

We will be left with The Jak…Who will miss his little friend..

We’ll all miss her…


2 thoughts on “Smokey…”

  1. Damn, sorry to hear of this. Poor kitty. Poor you guys. Never a good choice, but from experience, often the best choice. My ex, who brought cats into my life and is an artist, stitched images into a blanket that showed her as a young girl surrounded by all the cats she had ever had, and titled. “In Heaven You Get All Your Cats Back!” May it be so.

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