Media BiASSed: Partisan Idiots…

1. Networks Use Pre-SOTU Moments to Bludgeon ‘Embattled’ Trump, GOP ‘Paying the Political Price’


Well, that didn’t take long. Minutes before President Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday, the major broadcast networks pulled out the long knives to attack the “embattled” and “deeply unpopular” President leading a GOP that’s “paying the political price in recent special elections” for a presidency whom people believe is working “against them.”

2. ABC Melts Down Over ‘Divisive,’ ‘Gloomy,’ ‘Sad’ SOTU Speech ‘Stoking…Racial Tensions’


To match their vicious pre-State of the Union address coverage, ABC lost its mind following President Trump’s first such address, slinging mud at the President for delivering a “divisive,” “gloomy,” and “sad speech” that did nothing to “unify” the country and instead “stok[ed]…racial tensions.”

3. NBC Trashes ‘Subdued,’ ‘Tired’ SOTU Speech Full of ‘Hyperbole’ for Fact-Checkers


On Tuesday night, NBC threw what could be described as a hissy fit following President Trump’s first State of the Union address by attacking it as a “subdued,” “tired” President and speech that will keep “the fact checkers…busy” but didn’t address Russia or gun control.

4. CNN Laments Trump Using Patriotic Language in SOTU, Alienating Democrats


It didn’t take long for CNN to crank the anti-Trump ridiculousness up to 11 after President Trump’s State of the Union address. Just 19 seconds after Trump concluded his speech CNN host Jake Tapper, and later Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger, whined about how Trump used patriotic language that would inevitably “turn off” liberal Democrats. But their complaints weren’t directed at the melodramatic Democrats but at Trump himself.

5. Rattled MSNBC: Trump ‘Stokes the Fires’ With North Korea, ‘Wants a War’


Chris Matthews does not understand why Donald Trump said such nasty things about North Korea. The MSNBC host on Tuesday was clearly rattled by the President’s State of the Union criticism of the outlaw country. Matthews chided: “Why did he stoke the fires tonight? Why did he bring out the really tough case of their family losing their kid who was hiking through the mountains there? What was the whole point of that?”

6. CNN Discredits Own Poll Showing Overwhelming Positive Reaction to SOTU


In an amazing example of just how out of touch they were with the American people Tuesday, CNN prefaced the release of their very positive State of the Union reaction poll by claiming it wasn’t representative of the nation. “It’s not representative of the country overall it is a poll of people who watched the speech. Well, who watches a State of the Union address? Fans of the person giving it,” declared Political Director David Chalian.

7. Juvenile MSNBC Crew Giggles, Touts Trump Limo Being Flipped Off


After pompously declaring that MSNBC regulars like the disgraced Brian Williams would “fact check” Donald Trump’s State of the Union, Williams and Rachel Maddow on Tuesday went juvenile and touted a protester flipping off the President’s limo. The disgraced ex-Nightly News anchor mocked, “It encountered a small but vocal, as they say, group of protesters including a gentleman you seen who had a funny way of waving to the motorcade.”

8. Facts First? CNN Speculates Melania Wearing White to Protest Her Husband


To demonstrate just how far down the drain their standards for news and analysis were, CNN spent a couple minutes before the State of the Union Tuesday wondering if First Lady Melania Trump’s outfit was designed to protest the President, her own husband.


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