Hodges was tapped by the Ivy League school to be a “spring resident fellow” for the Institute of Politics (IOP). Hodges will spend the semester alongside five other fellows discussing subjects like racial equality, policing, and local governance. However, including Hodges as a fellow has some scratching their heads, especially given the topics she will be focusing on.

Hodges was also named one of the three worst mayors in the country today by the New York Observer.

The Observer mayoral ranking assessed multiple factors including rankings of best-run cities, mayoral approval ratings, and peer recognition. They also called on political consultants and media pundits to weigh in on mayors across the country. The assessment judged mayoral performance rather than the current state of the city.

Hodges landed in the top three of worst mayors in the U.S., listed alongside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Unlike Emanuel and de Blasio who have external forces working against them, the Observer asserted Hodges problems were mostly self-inflicted. They listed weakness in public safety, the mishandling of the Jamar Clark protests, and mismanagement of public works as some of her worst issues.

via Former Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Headed To Harvard – Alpha News


One thought on “Really????”

  1. Havard deserves this critter. The stupiest critters originate in faculty lounges. Look at Wilson.

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