They hate us and everything about us

Over the past few days, the left has driven a "backlash" against the National Rifle Association and other gun rights organizations by targeting their partners, banks, and service providers.

Nancy_Nord_Bence_-_Fascist_TV_-_2-26-2018.pngLike me, you’ve probably noticed the number of corporate partners that have stopped supporting the NRA and other organizations.

Like me, this was probably the first time you realized that NRA membership came with corporate discounts – I certainly didn’t know.

Like me, you’re appalled at the statements of anti-gun leaders like Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, the head of anti-gun group Protect Minnesota, who describes NRA-TV as "Fascist TV" in this Facebook post.

Fascist TV? A network that features Colion Noir? Ridiculous.

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