So They Should Just Submit???

On February 24 CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes asked the question, “For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?” He continued with another question, “If you wear a dress if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket every day with a belt and a holster the way a detective on duty would do?”

Yes, he actually asked those questions on national television in 2018. Dave Marris captured Tom Fuentes’ comments on his Facebook page.

It is unfortunate that someone with such a public persona and lengthy career in the FBI is so ignorant about women and our ability to carry a firearm. Never before have their been more products available specifically tailored to women’s needs. There are holsters designed for all areas of a woman’s body that can be easily and safely concealed under everyday clothing. The traditional OWB holster that Mr. Fuentes references is used by some women who prefer to wear jackets or overshirts to cover the firearm, but that is only one option. There are quality holsters for inside the waistband (front, side, or back), corset/bellyband, bra mounted (both front and side), thigh and ankle holsters, boot holsters, and others. Millions of women know how to evaluate a concealed carry holster for EDC safety and functionality.

via CNN Analyst: Women Carrying Guns Is Not Practical


3 thoughts on “So They Should Just Submit???”

  1. Teachers can all dress like Liv on SVU Law and Order wearing or signature jacket and slacks with a shirt that just fits just over our Glock 17 or Smith & Wesson; or we can dress as Helen Crump and neatly tuck the gun in our cosmetics bag near the apple on the desk.
    Substitutes are free agents who can work in various districts and can manage an arsenal of weapons on a daily. Let’s not forget about our Former WMs Veteran – Substitutes – when is comes to protecting American – folk with weapons in and out of schools better watch out – but wait who is the enemy here – an emotional distracted, abused student, we don’ t know do we?

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