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Banning Guns with the Ballot Box

Anti-gun extremists continually try to paint themselves as “reasonable,” and only want to present the image of seeking to promote “common sense” ideas that will serve to protect our citizens, while not infringing on the right to personal protection.

The Privilege of Misconstruing Data

Earlier this month, the head of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (Shannon Watts, not benefactor Michael Bloomberg) brutally dismissed an op-ed in the New York Times by Bethany Mandel as an anecdote of fear and paranoia.

High schoolers still like their guns external site

A USA TODAY/Ipsos poll taken after the Parkland shooting found fewer than half of students 13 to 17 think tightening gun laws and background checks would prevent mass shootings.

Credit Card Company Requirements That Merchants Not Sell Guns to 18-to-20-Year-Olds external site

Citigroup announced that it will “require new retail sector clients or partners to adhere to …. restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age.” But what if the retailer is in one of the states that generally ban age discrimination in public accommodations, and include 18-to-20-year-olds in that ban? (Some states only ban age discrimination against those 21 and above, or 40 and above; let’s set those aside.)

NRA Statement on YouTube Censorship Announcement

Millions of Americans watch YouTube videos every day to learn more about the safe and responsible use of firearms, and those videos show law-abiding gun owners participating in lawful behavior. By banning this content, YouTube is engaging in politically motivated censorship and alienating the millions of people who turn to the website for education and training.

Backdoor Ban? Citigroup Tells Clients No Firearm Sales To People Under 21, No High Capacity Magazines external site

The war against the Second Amendment has many fronts. The media, the legislatures, and the ballot box—all are areas where anti-gun nonsense can be dredged up and disseminated. Now, on the financial institution front, Citigroup has told its clients that they will no longer do business with them if they sell firearms to Americans under the age of 21, those who haven’t passed a background check, and those who sell bump stocks and “high capacity” magazines.

Gun Owners Furious That YouTube Is Banning Some Firearms Videos external site

Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates are speaking out against a YouTube decision to ban some firearms videos. The video sharing site will no longer allow people to post videos designed to “sell firearms or certain firearms accessories.”

CITI Tells Gun Dealers to Stop Selling “High Cap” Magazines or Their Accounts Will be Banned external site

On Thursday, Citigroup, the 4th largest bank in the nation, announced a new policy that will require “new retail sector clients or partners” to follow “best practices” regarding the sale of firearms and certain accessories, including bump stocks. The policy is wide-reaching, applying to “small business, commercial and institutional clients, as well as credit card partners.” The bank will require retail clients to restrict the sale of firearms to persons under the age of 21, as well as make passing a background check a mandatory part of the sale, regardless of whether it is received before the closing of the three-day window as identified in the current law. It also restricts retailers from selling “high-capacity” magazines as well as bump stocks.


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