The Media’s Shell Game with Mass Shootings

The Tactical Hermit

It was revealed the shooting at YouTube HQ in California which left three people dead was perpetrated by a Iranian left-leaning vegan activist frustrated over YouTubes recent decision to “de-monetize” her content.

Now I want all of you to think back to when the Florida Shooting happened, what was the difference between the media coverage then and the media coverage when the YouTube shootings happened?

Yeah, things took a turn when the shooter did not fit the “standard” profile that would enforce their propaganda.

Donald Trump Jr. noticed something else too. The social media outlets raced to shut down Nasim Aghdam’s pages and sites after the event. Why was that?

Again, because this shooting blew up the left’s running narrative that all mass shooters were “AR-15 toting, NRA card carrying members?” and not mentally deranged women with handguns.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Stay Informed and Stay Dangerous!

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