Guns Are Dangerous, Ignorance Is Worse…

In this 2003 photo, Sen. Dianne Feinstein is surrounded by police chiefs, including William Bratton of Los Angeles. The senator attempts to demonstrate how dangerous “assault” weapons can be, including this (apparently) semiautomatic, civilian version of an AK47.

On the contrary, Feinstein succeeds only in demonstrating that she knows nothing about safe handling of firearms. Note that a magazine is inserted (possibly loaded), the bolt is closed, the safety is off, her finger is about an inch from the trigger, there is no way to tell whether there is a round in the chamber ‒ and the muzzle is pointed directly at then-California Governor Gray Davis.

It ill behooves those who are protected by armed guards provided at taxpayers’ expense, and who themselves had a concealed-carry permit, to restrict the ability of us ordinary citizens to protect ourselves and our families. This mindset is typical of rulers looking down on their subjects. It is wholly inappropriate for elected officials looking across at their constituents. After all, we are the employers and the officials are our employees. Or the at least that’s the way it used to be.

via Guns Are Dangerous, Ignorance Is Worse :: Stolinsky | Conservative Political & Social Commentary


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