Gun News ….

Banking chair pushes Bank of America, Citigroup on gun policies external site

The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee is pressing Bank of America and Citigroup for details on their plans to implement new policies restricting business with firearms manufacturers.

Northeast Governors form anti-gun consortium external site

The governors of six northeastern states and Puerto Rico have formed the nation’s first consortium to conduct gun violence research and recommend policy changes.

Gun Owners Set Up to Take the Fall for a Crime They Did Not Commit

“Reasonable restrictions.” “Gun violence prevention.” “Gun safety measures.” “Keeping firearms out of the wrong hands.” “#gunsense.” However gun control advocates couch their agenda these days, the end result is always the same: innocent, upstanding people are scapegoated for the evil acts of others who broke the law. Just ask the young adults in Illinois now facing the possible confiscation of their lawfully-obtained firearms.

Democratic Majority Would Act Quickly on Guns, Dreamers, Infrastructure, Pelosi Says external site

If Democrats control the House in 2019 they would quickly schedule floor action on gun violence prevention, protections for “Dreamers” and infrastructure, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday.  “When we win and we take over in January, some of the issues that will come up soon are the issues we are asking the speaker to take up now,” Pelosi said, naming those three issues.

Gun Control Supporters Are Counting On Appeasement

We know where the gun control measures that our opposition markets as “common sense” lead, because our opponents have told us time and again. Law-abiding gun owners must recognize that the so-called “reasonable regulations” proposed by gun control proponents are nothing but a foothold for greater restrictions on our rights.

School Resource Officer Stops Shooting in FL — Where is the Media?

Last week, there was another school shooting in Florida, but this shooting was much different than Parkland. When the shooter touched off his first shot, the school resource officer immediately rushed to the direction of the gunshot…
The Minnesota Senate on Thursday swept aside an effort to force votes on two measures aimed at toughening state gun laws, just a day after a state House member staged a 24-hour sit-in over that chamber’s inaction on measures aimed…
Shooting organizations, including high school clay target leagues, continue to draw crowds across the country. Now, those high school participants will have a chance to compete at the next level in Minnesota. (Photo courtesy of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League)
The Self Defense Stories You Don’t See in the Mainstream News Louisiana ( Here is some news you won’t find in the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they…..

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