NBC caught spreading fake news about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination

It’s all NBC has. Fake News. Nothing But Crap!

America's Watchtower

  As you all know Brett Kavanaugh has been tapped as Anthony Kennedy’s replacement by Donald Trump. Honestly, I do not know much about this guy and I have read mixed reviews so I am withholding my opinion on the nominee. The same cannot be said of the left, members of which were standing by with pre-painted signs waiting to find out whose name to add to them and not knowing what they were protesting him for.

  And then comes NBC ready to throw fuel on the fire by coming up with a conspiracy theory that goes like this: because Brett Kavanaugh used to clerk for Anthony Kennedy the retiring justice only decided to retire after negotiating with Donald Trump to secure Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Here is what NBC Tweeted out:


This of course would be unethical but it did not happen and NBC was forced to correct the…

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