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To Promote Gun Control, the UN Changes the Rules external site

In the last two weeks of June, the United Nations held another review conference on its efforts to counter what it considers illicit dealing in small arms. The U.S. played the game well. But unfortunately, you can’t beat a cheater. In theory, this U.N. program might be a modestly useful way to promote cooperation against the illicit international trade in small arms.

‘I will oppose him with everything I’ve got,’ Schumer says as Democrats prepare to fight Kavanaugh external site

Senate Democrats launched a fierce campaign Tuesday to derail President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by warning of the potential damage he might do to health-care access, abortion rights and the pending federal investigation into Trump’s associates. But Republicans largely rallied around the nominee, U.S. Appeals Court Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, leading party leaders to predict his confirmation is inevitable.

Anti-gun lawmakers decry Kavanaugh’s gun ruling external site

Gun-rights activists are hoping they will have a sympathetic ear from President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, pointing to a 2011 dissent he wrote in a major gun case arguing a ban on semiautomatic rifles was unconstitutional.


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