A Little Catch Up …

A week without a computer was nice, but trying to do anything on  a cell phone which I have stripped down to the essentials, getting rid of Google ‘Bloatware’ limits that, so the Kindle Fire had to suffice and I hate typing on that damn thing, especially with the auto – correct feature…

We were here

Vacation was good, weather for the first part was wonderful, got a bit rainy and cooler for the last part.

Cabin was nice, really nice..Wireless, A/C (which was not needed, much).

And a little beach…


Our hosts were pretty nice folks and others we met staying there were nice.

Friday night one of the youngsters with a another family jumped the end of the dock, as I walked out of our cabin with a whiskey in one hand and cigar in the other. and then bobbed three times and was going under with half a dozen of us charging towards the lake, his Pa beat everyone there, hurling himself off the dock and saving the kid..

Lost his cellphone in the process, but was not overly concerned about that.

Other then that was a nice relaxing week….

My son is an expert at that..

Timed it just right though…Ran out of beer and whiskey Friday night!!
Good thing we were headed home early Saturday!!

And get back to the newest member of our family…

Meet Ruthie…


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