Angie Craig….Chickenshit Liberal…

Angie Craig is up to her antics again.

She has rejected my offer for specific debates on these critical issues:

  • Taxes, Jobs, and the Economy
  • Government Regulations & Minnesota Competitiveness
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Immigration, National Security & Public Safety
  • Health Care

You think Angie Craig would jump at the chance to spout her liberal views right? WRONG.

The fact is that she’s petrified to say her radical ideas out loud. How can someone want to represent this district AND not want to debate on these issues?

Angie Craig can’t just get away with reciting her talking points (She clearly went to the Nancy Pelosi school of PR). Our district needs someone who will take a stand for all the values that we hold dear… Not a career politician who’s bent on furthering her personal agenda.

I need your signature on this petition. With less than 3 months until Election Day, we need to hear what she has to say when she’s under the cameras.

Angie needs to take a position on these critical issues, not ignore the topics like she has as of late.

Thank you for your support,


Jason Lewis


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