London: 4 Kids Stabbed, One Disemboweled…

Trigger Reset

Yet another day in sunny London, where the sophisticated British people have come up with the most civilized way to deal with their problems:

  1. Disarm the British citizenry

  2. Import hundreds of thousands of savage Muslims dedicated to destroying Britain

  3. Elect a Muslim Mayor

  4. Ban the truth

  5. Get raped and shot

  6. Ban guns

  7. Get raped and stabbed

  8. Ban knives

  9. Get run over

  10.  Ban cars

  11. Get attacked with acid

  12. Get attacked in their own homes

  13. Punish anyone who fights back

  14. Lock up anyone who talks about whats occurring


Cheerio mate!

Jolly good show!

It should be obvious why I take no note at all of any advice or opinions on politics from across the pond now, as the one simple solution to ALL your violence problems, the one solution that’s staring you right in the face…totally escapes you.

You’ve set about banning every weapon, automobile, and every freedom…

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One thought on “London: 4 Kids Stabbed, One Disemboweled…

  1. RLJohnson77 August 17, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    This is impossible. London outlawed sharp knives and suggested people grid off the sharp tips.

    How can this happen when you have strict knife control?

    Could it be the criminals ignore laws?

    Like Emily Litella says, “Nevermind”!!!

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