Who are You Trying to Convince?

The Writer in Black

So there was this:


And if you limited your vile hatred to actual Nazis that would be one thing. Of course, people would then be wondering what you were going on about since there are at most a few thousand such Nazis out of a country of more than 300 million. They actually are a “tiny minority.”  “Flat Earthers” outnumber them by at least a couple of orders of magnitued.  Their numbers are in the ballpark of people who believe The Earth is Hollow and UFOs come from there.  They get more attention from you and yours protesting them than they’d ever get on their own.  As one writer put it (paraphrased), “The pathetic skinheads calling themselves Nazis couldn’t organize a bake sale, let alone the conquest of most of Europe.”  They are meaningless noise, deserving only of ridicule and laughter.

That is, if you’re talking about actual Nazis.

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