Who’s responsible for your safety?


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Earlier this week, my State’s Governor made a truly unfortunate statement. You see Governor Bullock has been short-listed for a 2020 run at the Presidency, and as such has been getting more media attention. He was on CNN and was asked about banning semiautomatics, and he said he was for it. Politics aside, it hurts my heart that any leader of any state would resort to such short-sighted rhetoric under the false pretense of wanting to “protect” our children.

I could write pages and pages of reasoning as to why the semiautomatic weapon is one of the most necessary and important tools for our Nation’s safety today, but I’m going to not dive into those waters. However, it did make me think about protection, and who’s really responsible. The notion that our government—either through federal means or local law enforcement—is capable of protecting anyone is beyond dangerous. The average response…

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One thought on “Who’s responsible for your safety?

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 24, 2018 / 8:59 pm

    Banning semi automatics is an emotional act and not one of logic. The wannabe president cannot cite one statistic that would support the ban. None. The fact is that there are no statistics that even support gun control and to be quite honest, the places with the strictest gun control have the most gun violence. Think about that for a minute.

    As far as protecting ourselves. The police hold the duty of enforcing the law and catching crooks. That does not necessarily mean providing security itself.You cannot just put a policeman where are crime is about to be committed. The fact is that most police have never had to actively protect a group or a person with deadly force. Their presence can serve as a deterrent and that is probably what putting an officer in a school represents; a deterrent.

    The gun violence in the schools has been a problem and more so since the idea of ‘labeling a student’ as being unbalanced or potentially violent has fallen under so much criticism. Parents these days are part time at best and they get quite defensive if their child is being labelled a trouble maker. Lax parenting and realistic first person games with horrific violence are a problem. The home is not a place where values are taught anymore. No one has the time.

    Many of the school shootings have been committed by known troubled students who were considered to be outsiders and not part of the normal student body. The stories are out there and the truth is available that bears this out.

    Banning anything without statistical proof is symbolism over substance and affects the legal citizens far more than those who would take advantage of any particular banned technology. Criminals get guns despite bans and restrictions. The criminal does not register their firearms. They do not concern themselves with the legal aspects of the weapons they use.

    Even in nations with virtually no guns, criminals still manage to get them. The only difference between those nations and ours is that here, we can shoot back if we are attacked. This happens rarely but when it does lives are saved. Thank God for that.

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