MN Permit No Longer an Alternate to NICS??????

From Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance….

The DEMOCRATIC Administration of Gov. Dayton stabs Minnesota gun owners in the back. Is this part of the Tim Walz strategy to F.O. the law abiding gun owners of the state???

Minnesota needs a Governor and Attorney General that will stand with us. Not that seek to blame and punish us for the crime and insanity of others.

The local ATF announcement says the Minnesota BCA initiated this.

From: <>
Date: Sep 21, 2018 3:07 PM
Subject: MN Permit No Longer an Alternate to NICS

It was recently brought to our attention that (contrary to the Open Letter) the Minnesota Permit to Carry does NOT qualify as an alternate to running NICS check. The application does not allow for the collection of data that is necessary to run an IAQ on individuals for whom it is required – thus the permit does not meet the requirements set forth in the law. BCA is aware of this, has been in conversation with our headquarters, and has officially requested a reexamination of the Alternate Permit status.

Bottom line is that Minnesota does NOT have any qualifying alternate permit, and FFLs should not be accepting permits in lieu of running NICS checks. HQ is in the process of pulling down the Open Letter, along with updating the Alternate Permit page to reflect Minnesota as not having any qualifying permit.

Please note that BCA has requested the re-examination of this issue. We hope to have something in writing posted in the near future. Please help us in getting the word out to other licensees. If there are questions, direct them to call our office (651) 726-0220.

Thank you.

Crystal Clardy
Industry Operations Investigator
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
St. Paul Field Division
30 East Seventh Street, Suite 1900
St. Paul, MN 55101
Office: 651-726-0192
Fax: 651-726-0221
Cell: 605-290-6760


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