ACLS Class…

Today I led an ACLS class through it’s Update..

ACLS? Advanced Cardiac Life Support….

I had MDs, RNs, RTs, PAs, Medics in class.

Some were struggling a bit, now this was an Update class so they all have been through this before.

Every 2 years to keep their American Heart Association ACLS certification current.

So I used a piece I learned many, many years ago.

If the heart rate is to slow, speed it up!
If the rate is to fast, slow it down.

If what you see on the monitor is unrecognizable, shock it into something you do recognize!!

Pretty basic and a lot to consider with each.

Bunch of lights turned on and one Doc told me I should hand out cards with that info on them…







2 thoughts on “ACLS Class…

  1. RLJohnson77 October 3, 2018 / 3:22 am

    That is scary but oh so true. I am finding the older I get the dumber the general population becomes. It is NOT because I am smarter, trust me. They are “just more stupider.”

    “Just more stupider” is a direct quote from a workimg partner who has a Masters Degree in education. She graduated from Duke, Class of 2010.

  2. RLJohnson77 October 3, 2018 / 3:24 am

    By the way, I hold two PHDs. I have a public high school diploma from the mid 70s and I own a post hole digger.

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