Angie Craig, call your puppet-masters

Eagan, MN – This afternoon, KSTP hosted the 2nd debate between Jason Lewis and Angie Craig. Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery released the following statement.

“What we got today is two-faced Angie Craig. A candidate who has continuously failed to take principled stances and play both sides of most issues.

“On Medicare for All, she told MPR she was for it, and now claims she has issues with it. When vying for the Democrat endorsement, she claimed she would repeal the entire Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, now she claims to simply want changes. This what we got when she actually answered the questions and didn’t spin out of them as she did at Friday’s debate when asked about impeachment proceedings or Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

“When pushed on topics, it turns out, she too supports Jason Lewis and has rave reviews for his efforts on career and technical education.

“But the best part is when her allegiance to the far-left Democrats showed through. After continuously falsely stating that Lewis has voted in lockstep with his party (and after a ridiculous number of examples from Lewis stating why that is untrue), Craig was pushed on where she would buck Democrats if elected. And the answer was…nothing.

“This should come as no surprise as Craig would have to call her puppet-masters in Washington like Nancy Pelosi to be able to know what votes she should take in the first place. But for the people of Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, this is a telling point of the far-left Member of Congress Angie Craig would truly be.”


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