Debate Fact Check IV.

Eagan, MN – During today’s debate, Lewis laid out his solutions to our immigration problem. Craig’s solution – let the problems continue.

False Claim: Lewis supported child separation and deporting DREAMERs

The Facts: Lewis voted for two immigration bills which would have solved family separation and allowed DACA recipients to work towards legal status.

  • Lewis voted for Goodlatte 1 which provides a 3-year indefinitely renewable legal status for current DACA recipients who meet certain eligibility requirements.

(Roll Call, H.R. 4760, June 21, 2018)

  • Lewis voted for Goodlatte 2 which permits the DACA population to apply for a 6-year indefinitely renewable contingent nonimmigrant legal status, and allows them to apply for a green card. Clarifies the Flores Settlement by ensuring accompanied alien minors apprehended at the border must not be separated from their parent or legal guardian while in DHS custody

(Roll Call, H.R. 6136, June 27, 2017)

  • Lewis is a cosponsor of the ENLIST Act which allows DACA recipients who serve in the military to earn legal status.

(H.R. 60, May 4, 2017)


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