Some Links To Ponder…

Sobering thoughts on self-defense firearms from a Minnesota cop..

Good advice there. As a long time medic and educator for LEOs in First Aid, I’ve dealt with these hopped up monsters. It’s no fun. We carry Ketamine but getting that into them takes a small army of officers and EMS/Fire to get it done. You and your partner, unless one of you turns green and huge are not getting it done.

“Kristallnacht” In America: Is What Occurred In Germany Is Happening Here?

They go by AntiFa or BLM….

UN Says All US Whites Have to Pay Reparations for Slavery

Screw that, There is more slavery still going on today and they ignore..Because it is still being done in many of the countries these tinpot wannabe Dictators are from. The UN can go hug a root.



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