“If it saves just one life…”

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Sorry, I got busy yesterday and didn’t get a post up.

The title quota is an argument, along with its close relative “if we don’t do this, people will die” that gets crammed down our throats in order to pass some policy to either pick our pockets or restrict out freedoms.  Don’t you want to save lives?  How heartless can you be?

The problem, of course, is that they never talk about the cost.  This is very much a “the seen vs. the unseen” situation.  Like I brought up elsewhere, that’s a popular argument in the gun control debate.  If banning guns just saves one life… However, what they don’t look at is how many lives banning guns would cost–the crime averted, that never happened, because a person was armed even if the gun was never fired.

When somebody makes a “security” or a “safety” proposal and someone objects…

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One thought on ““If it saves just one life…”

  1. Glenda T. Goode November 26, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    Before they ban guns they should ban:

    Cigarettes. Thousands die from cancer every year.

    Texting while driving. Thousands of people are killed or injured as a result of this activity. You can add cell phone use while driving too!!

    Alcohol. Thousands are killed injured or left without parents as a result of drunk driving.

    Medical malpractice. More people die of medical malpractice than from firearms.

    Autos in general. Auto accidents not related to the above causes still kill more people by a factor of 1000 than guns in gun crimes.

    Another fact. The gun crimes numbers include suicides by gun. These make up roughly half of all suicides. You can say with legitimacy that if a gun is not available, a suicidal person will find another way to kill themselves.

    Gang violence. Criminal gangs are the source for a large portion of the gun crimes reported in the statistics used in efforts to ban guns. None of the firearms used in criminal activities are registered or legal and those who use them will not comply with any gun restrictions much as they do not comply to present regulations.

    Emotional pleas for gun control will not address the death rates appreciably as there are far more lethal substances or activities that people die of that would be far more easy to regulate and reduce the deaths they represent.

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