Probably Not…

So far the GOP has down nothing to stop the onslaught of gun control fanatics.

They had the opportunity..But dropped the ball big time.

The GOP has proven themselves to be filled with RINOs or spineless twits..(I know, same difference!)

So with the DemocRATs taking over the House..

I expect things to get worse for us..

Example: 1st Amendment is being gutted by Leftist media and their Social Media cohorts…

What has the GOP done so far to defend the 1st?

Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control..

One thought on “Probably Not…

  1. The Tactical Hermit November 28, 2018 / 3:18 am

    The biggest threat to the 2A IMO currently is these Red Flag Gun Laws (GVRO) They are a sneaky, legal back doors to outright gun confiscation and the spineless NRA backed down on them earlier this year, so you know Congress is going to pursue legislation to exploit their use.

    Remember, everything the nazi’s did was Legal.
    The Nuremberg laws preceded the Holocaust.

    Just because something is “Legal” does not make it Constitutionally Sound or moral. This is something gun owners and true supporters of the 2A have known for a long time.

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