Gun Bits ….

Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month

Legislation submitted in the Democrat-controlled Oregon legislature would fundamentally change the state’s firearm laws, recasting them as the most restrictive in the country. State Sen. Rob Wagner has submitted SB 501 for the upcoming session. Wagner’s bill would require licensing for gun owners prior to purchase, outlaw firearm magazines capable of holding more than five rounds………

Think Progress Is Furious That A Woman Defended Herself From Armed Robbery In Chicago

According to Zack Ford, a woman must first determine the motives of her attacker before she has the right to defend herself.

Feinstein’s Scattershot Anti-Gun Bill Badly Misses the Mark

Perhaps the most popular place for gun control activists to point to is Australia. They tell us to look at the Land Down Under and see all the country has done with gun control, and that we should embrace that gun control entirely.

Why Universal Background Checks Don’t Work

One thought on “Gun Bits ….

  1. kamas716 January 16, 2019 / 6:33 pm

    Considering that you A) can’t get an FFL unless you are going to be engaging in the business of firearms, and B) are required to run a check on any firearms transaction you make anywhere if you you are an FFL holder, it should be painfully obvious to even grade school children that there is NO GUNSHOW LOOPHOLE. People who spout off about one are either too ignorant to take seriously or lying to you.

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