DAILY ACTION: Tell your lawmakers to support Stand Your Ground…

It’s Wednesday and the legislature will not be in floor session today – however, there will be several committee meetings in both the House and Senate.

Here’s what has happened this week & what’s coming up

  • Yesterday, two pro-gun bills dropped:
    • HF 268:  Constitutional Carry (Permitless Carry)
    • HF 280:  Teacher and School Staff Carry
  • Yesterday, House Leadership announced that the Public Safety Committee meetings would be moved from a room without cameras in the basement of the State Office Building to Room 120 of the State Capitol. Meetings would now be live-streamed and available for public viewing.

    This is a huge victory for gun owners and transparency!  See Rob’s live video on Facebook from yesterday about why this is so important.

  • New bills will continue to be dropped throughout the week. We’re on the lookout for new gun control bills – and we’ll let you know as soon as we see what’s in them.


Today’s daily action is to tell lawmakers to support HF 268 – Constitutional Carry (Permitless Carry), which was introduced yesterday by Representative Steve Drazkowski.

Right now, we are only targeting the Minnesota House as a Senate version of this bill has not (yet) been introduced.

In the midst of the current gun control onslaught, particularly in the Minnesota House, it’s good to see good pro-gun rights legislation introduced and pushed on offense, rather than just constantly playing defense throughout the session.

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