Gun Bits …

Dems debut bills to mandate insurance for gun owners, extend background checks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, D-NY, at a swearing-in ceremony for the 116th Congress earlier this month. (Photo: Maloney’s office) A New York Democrat on Capitol Hill has resurrected legislation to expand the country’s background check system and force gun…..


Common Semiautomatic Weapons Under Fire, from Democrat Congress

Opinion Common Semiautomatic Weapons Under Fire, from Democrat Congress New York – -( )- “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” ~ Yogi Berra If you asked your fellow Americans to point to one defining moment in our Nation’s recent history, many would likely mention the attack on our soil…..


45 Years of the Brady Campaign – Whose Winning?

To begin with, most people have a totally wrong idea of how the Brady Campaign came into existence. Most believe it started after the March 30, 1981 attempted assassination of the President Ronald Reagan. John Hinckley Jr. approached Reagan and his associates as they got out of their cars in front of…….


Media, Medicine and Guns

As the newly Democrat-controlled House of Representatives begins its session, we begin to hear the constant cries about the terrible ‘assault weapon’. More inaccurate definitions of ‘assault weapons’ and cries of how many lives these guns have taken. The irony here is that the modern sporting rifle (MSR) is used…..


Quote of the day—Dan Gross

In Florida, being armed in public is such a casual formality that law enforcement does not issue the license to carry loaded, concealed guns; that is done by the Department of Agriculture – the same agency charged with issuing permits to pick tomatoes or transport livestock. Their website is…..


Hawaii Continues Treating Right to Bear Arms as Occupational Privilege

“They don’t know. They don’t want to know, because the facts are that it makes no difference at all in crime rates,” Pace concludes. “All it does is intimidate and make more costly and time-consuming the process to acquire a firearm for law-abiding citizens.” [ More ] Leave it to “progressives” to trash Paradise.


Governor Noem Signs NRA-backed Constitutional Carry Bill

South Dakota Governor Noem signs Senate Bill 47, an NRA-backed bill recognizing constitutional carry, into law. This measure allows law-abiding gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a government permit.

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