Assault Speech and Hate Weapons- the media spin that would make Orwell proud


It is dangerous to let other people do our thinking for us. We seem certain we can define “hate speech”. We’re convinced that “assault weapons” are bad.  Both terms have been manipulated by politicians and the media to mean anything they want them to mean. We were sold such a twisted-logic of lies that it would be funny.. if it were not so dangerous.

Elites with armed bodyguards tell us to give up our tools of self-defense. We’re called toxic-hateful-deplorable-clingers if we object. “Assault weapon” is a debating term and so is “hate speech”. An assault weapon is any firearm a politician wants to confiscate. “Hate speech” are any statements that criticize the politician’s latest voting block. The elites lie to us. Look at their record of hypocrisy to see the truth of that statement.

Wayne LaPierre is the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. La Pierre has…

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One thought on “Assault Speech and Hate Weapons- the media spin that would make Orwell proud

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 3, 2019 / 8:36 am

    The left uses division as their means of weaseling their way into power and to control the rest of us. They can take any issue that may already have been decided and divide those involved and create conflict. Once they create conflict they then act as the word police so they can choose the winners and losers in the argument.

    We see today the left attacking issues that less than 20 years ago were resolved matters between the parties. 20 Years ago, a wall was the required solution to the illegal immigration in our nation. Now, they have used their method of division to tear apart that unity and create anarchy. All the while they attain more and more power as a result.

    The current attack on guns is in the face of a non-issue as it applies to society. As has been said by a lot of people, we have far more pressing issues in society than firearms. The reason the left chooses to attack gun owners is to first create division so they can pit one side against the other on the issue and they they sneak their way into more control over the issue.

    The ultimate goal of a group that divides is to seize power. They cannot co-exist with any others who vie for decision making power of the masses. If they did want to ‘co-exist’ with other political interests they would not be using division. Division cannot resolve any issues. It measures differences and not similarities.

    Every issue the left touches is disassembled and torn apart. People who follow the left are not encouraged to compromise. They are encouraged to demand full compliance. This is not how a free nation survives.

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