Gun Bits..

Florida Alert! Universal Background Checks, a Path to Gun Confiscation

HB 135 – Transfers of Firearms by Rep. Margaret Good (D) prohibits the TRANSFER of a firearm from one law-abiding citizen to another without first having a background check performed by a licensed firearms dealer.

Quote of the day—Superkick Paulty @paulbensonsucks

All gun owners are criminals. Only then will we be free. Superkick Paulty @paulbensonsucks Tweeted on January 31, 2019 [I know. I doesn’t quite make sense. But almost none of the rants from anti-gun people make sense anyway. But if you put just a little bit of a twist on it then it makes sense in a different….

List of Firearms that will be Banned by Assault Weapons Ban

A comprehensive list of the handguns, rifles and shotguns that will be banned under Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban…. […]

New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights

This week New York State took another drastic leap towards totalitarianism with eight new “ progressive ” gun laws that were passed by the government which is controlled entirely by the Democrats and will all become law as….

Congress to Take Up Gun Control This Week

 On January 8th, 2019, two bills were introduced in Congress to impose so-called “universal” background checks . The bills, H.R. 8 and S. 42 , are being misleadingly described as simply requiring background checks on all sale…..
Quote of the day—Defens

I really hope that the idiots pushing for this stuff wise up soon and get a clue about how far they’re pushing us. I drew my line in the sand back before 1994 – and currently considered legislation is driving up to that line with a bulldozer. Defens February 2, 2019 Comment to Quote of the day—Superkick Paulty…

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