Why won’t our pastors fight?

I agree. I’ve known some downright wimpy pastors…Feel good, don’t offend anyone, blah, blah, blah….

…and the Pulpits Are Silent

Despite what the political parties would like you to believe, the problem in America is not the politicians, it is the pulpits. I hate to break the news to you, but most of America’s pulpits are filled with cowardly men. They are a shame to the Christ they claim to serve.

…and the pulpits are silent

• Tolerance trumps Truth.
• Homosexual sodomy is granted legal protection.
• The institution of marriage is crumbling.
• Obama says the Sermon on the Mount justifies gay marriage.

…and the pulpits are silent

• Government has replaced God as defender and provider.
• Faith-based initiatives invite the government into the Church.
• The IRS muzzles the voice of the Church.
• Taxes are levied to do the work of the Church.

…and the pulpits are silent

• The Church locks arms with compassionate-conservatism.
• Children’s service agencies separate family members.
• Self-help books replace the Bible.
• A Purpose Driven Life is elevated above dying to self.

…and the pulpits are silent

• G.W. Bush says Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
• The Constitution is ignored.
• Pagans pray to open a session of Congress.
• Our elected officials lie and steal

…and the pulpits are silent

• Private property is stolen by government.
• Mother Earth is protected more than Father God is exalted.
• Illegal aliens over-run our borders.
• The entertainment industry celebrates and promotes debauchery.

…and the pulpits are silent

One thought on “Why won’t our pastors fight?

  1. RLJohnson77 February 11, 2019 / 5:21 am

    Most “pastors” are only leaders of Sunday morning social clubs. Very few know how to protect their flock. They are more concerned about their tax exempt status.

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