Trump’s Approval Rating Soars- with enemies like this, who needs friends


President Trump did a good job with his State of the Union message. America is back at work. Trump accomplished that despite the opposition of the democrat party, and largely without the help of establishment republicans. I think we should also give credit where credit is due. Democrat politicians took a hard turn to the left since they regained control of congress. That drove Trump’s approval ratings to up to recent highs.

Even CBS had to say that Trump did well in his speech. By their numbers, 76 percent of viewers liked his message. That includes approval by 82 percent of independent voters. The crazy posturing by Democrat Stacey Abrams didn’t hurt Trump’s numbers.

The over-worn cry of racism is wearing thin. That is particularly true when minority and female unemployment has fallen to record lows. Trump’s numbers would have climbed higher without the media spin.

The president has been…

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One thought on “Trump’s Approval Rating Soars- with enemies like this, who needs friends

  1. Cynthia June February 14, 2019 / 1:12 am

    Was it Senator Cruz who suggested that we confiscate El Chapo’s billions of dollars and use all that money he made to build the wall? I think that’s an excellent idea for more than one reason (not only would it fund the wall without using tax payer dollars, it would “chap El Chapo’s hide heh, heh)

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