Gun Bits …

Accepting Socialists Now, Means Accepting Communists Next

Democrats move relentlessly left. The term, “socialist,” once akin to “Communist,” and thus associated with evil and national decay, has suddenly become “acceptable.” Many, probably most, professing Democrats now claim to be simultaneously “socialists,” and suffer scant loss of political support…..

It is 5:32 am. Gary Willis, of Ferndale, Maryland answers a knock at his door. It is to be the last thing he will ever do. Seconds later, gunfire erupts as the police gun Willis down in cold blood in his own home. Mr. Willis would become the first victim of his state’s new “red-flag” gun….
In the incessant effort to disarm the American public and turn the nation socialist—evincing a design to reduce us under absolute despotism—Congress and the states, with mass media and….

Gun Control Proponent Misses Reality With Anti-Gun Anecdote

Gun control activists are all too often people who have lost someone to violence. They’ve witnessed some horror or experienced some loss. Some are even survivors themselves. They’re coming from a place of emotion, and I get…..

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