One thought on “Snowflake Alert!!!

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 15, 2019 / 6:32 am

    It is amazing how we went from good and evil and other simple dynamics to now being obligated to ‘protect’ other’s ‘feelings’. Used to be if you did not like how someone spoke in your range of hearing you could leave. Now, people expect those who upset them should either change what they say, or leave. To hell with free speech.

    I remember when I took a Poly Sci course back when you used books and took notes by hand and the professor was an obvious dyed in the wool socialist. He made sure to toss in a few barbs every chance he could about America and our ‘capitalism’. I needed the credits for my major. I did not particularly like the remarks during class. What did I do??? Well, first of all, I recognized the professor had every right to say what he did. The only obligation I felt he had was to grade tests based on the class lectures and reference materials. As long as he did not discriminate when grading I did not care. So, I sucked it up Buttercup and passed the course.

    Used to be we were all adults and we were allowed to disagree and to do so with vigor at times. Expressing our opinions was a right. Hearing someone say something that you did not like or that you felt was an attack did not give you the right to stop that person from talking.
    That did not give us reason to file a complaint and the head of the department would have laughed any of us who did complain right out of his office. Oh for the good old days…..

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